Its been some time !.

Ok work and social live have been getting in the way of my humble little blog ….

Have i said how much I hate house renovations !!, Ugh these pesky little things just keep on raising their ugly head, Is there a end in sight i hope …… at this rate i’d say NO

Progress on the Corby Starlet has been progressing, More pictures to come over the next couple of days, more goodies have arrived from Aircraft Spruce Co  Now to get some things varnished and bolted in.

More as it happens.

Holiday season :)

Ok this little blog has been on the backburner for a month or two.

Due to the fast paced environment at work sometimes little time is left in the day, So as its holiday season and i have an unusual (More than 2 days off in a row) amount of time at my disposal further blog and website updates will happen over the next couple of days.


West Fly 2012

29th September & 1st October 2012

“This website is the place to come to find out about the latest on West Australia’s own RA-Aus Fly In event. WA in the past and even now has had a number of very successful aviation fly in events within the state organised by enthusiastic aviators for the benefit of all flyers. There has however never been an RA-Aus event for West Australian Aviators.”

If I can pinch the trusty Cessna 150A, I’ll be there camera and voice recorder in hand to grab some of the action, if you spot me come and say hello.